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When it comes to your restaurant’s kitchen hood suppression system, it is important you stay on top of potential risks. Whether you have a brand new system or one that has been kicking for years, regular inspections are a must if you want to stay within code. NFPA 96 requires a trained and certified technician to inspect kitchen fire suppression systems every six months. At Lifeguard Systems Services, we provide comprehensive kitchen hood suppression system testing designed to provide you, your restaurant, and your staff with the protection you need from the devastating effects of fire – and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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Steps Taken By LSS During A Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspection As Required By NFPA.

  • All extinguishing agent nozzles are discharged and inspected for build-up
  • All nozzle caps are replaced
  • Extinguishing lines are blown out to ensure there is no blockage
  • Manual alarm pull station is pulled to ensure it is functioning well
  • Inspector checks pressure gauges to ensure proper PSI
  • Gas shut off valve and microswitch are tested
  • Inspector checks to make sure fans are operating properly
  • Ensures all system components are compatible
  • Checks for holes in hoods
  • Ensures your system is using the proper cartridge for your kitchen
  • Fusible links of the system are cut to see if the system activates properly
  • Check that gas and electrical shut off when the system activates
  • One the system has been activated, the inspector will install new fusible links with the date stamped on them. This serves as proof of service for the fire marshal inspection. 
  • Now, your inspection certification can be filed with the local fire authority. 
  • The inspector will tag the system showing certification was completed by a professional, and according to regulations. 
  • Your inspector will leave you with a Commercial Cooking System Service and Inspection report, and will send one to your local fire department. 

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